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Lecconotizie.com _ May, 22 2018

“As leader in a specific segment such as the pressing line, we have the duty to assume a high degree of responsibility and therefore adopt sustainable practices for the benefit of our customers”- affirmed a spokesperson from GSR Cocoa Machinery.


Calolziocorte, May 22, 2018 – Bühler and GSR Cocoa Machinery attended, next to each other, the Fourth World Cocoa Conference, an international event that this year brought to Berlin the major players of the cocoa sector. A joint participation that proves their long-standing partnership conceived to benefit the customers of both companies, by offering them a complete product range from a single source. Sustainability has been the core topic discussed during the various debates of the WCC. A critical theme addressed along with other issues relatable to the cocoa value chain such as child labor, gender inequality as well as environmental degradation like deforestation.

“We are aware that certain inefficiencies exist along the manufacturing of cocoa and chocolate. Decision-makers of this sector should understand their critical role in making the cocoa supply chain greener. As leader in a specific segment such as the pressing line, we have the duty to assume a high degree of responsibility and therefore adopt sustainable practices for the benefit of our customers”- it has been affirmed from GSR Cocoa Machinery.

GSR is not new to these topics and, indeed, it has already put in place various efforts to address the sustainability challenges. Beginning with the analysis of the possible progress necessary to make its machinery and, in general, its action policy, more sustainable, nowadays GSR is implementing a dual strategy.

Internally, it has integrated sustainability as a company’s business value. Starting from its raw material stream, GSR is following a policy under which most of its suppliers has to be certified in environmental terms. By being a company involved in the cocoa processes, GSR has also improved its social performance, supporting various organizations operating in favor of those working in the cocoa crops; just to name some, GSR has financed the local construction of some children’s school desks thanks to the Kenyan School Project by Bill & Lynn Morris. Donation has been done also to the C.R.E.E.R Association for the construction of a center in Ivory Coast devoted to helping exploited, abused and trafficked children.

In these years, GSR has also committed itself to ensuring sustainability externally, through its products and services. Its willingness to being a supportive partner for its clients brought the company’s attention to the development of a pressing process’s control system able to give important energy insights for the benefit of its users that can, therefore, obtain detailed energy consumption, easy to interpret and control. Heating is another crucial step in the pressing process. Aware of this, GSR has properly designed safety protections, whose major benefit, among others, is to concentrate the heat around the machine, consequently reducing the thermal energy requirement. GSR has also invested in the improvement of processes and output with particular attention paid to waste reduction. In this view, consumables’ life has been extended thanks to the switch to improved materials as well as the development of better usage practices. Additionally GSR, thanks to its competence and experience, can offer repair, upgrade and revamping services, able to avoid an early scrapping of the machine. Smart solutions that contribute to waste reduction as they make sure that the old lines can be used again, adapting to the new production needs required by the clients. Lastly, by building important synergies with key industrial realities of the sector such as the partnership with Bühler, GSR has enlarged its sustainable vision. Reduce energy demands of a turnkey project means saving an important percentage of total costs, an aspect that should not be underestimated because it can greener the supply chain together with increase the margins.

“We agree that the time to act is now; the whole industry must continue its progress, implementing programs, project and policies designed to improve the efficiency of the cocoa sector. Those actions should also be transparent and accountable. This is an imperative and procrastination is no longer an option” – it has been said from GSR Cocoa Machinery at the end of the international event.

GSR and Bühler Group take action again together during World Cocoa Conference

From 22 to 25 May 2016 it will take place, in the Dominican Republic, the third edition of the World Cocoa Conference (WCC), the worldwide conference devoted to cocoa. An international platform to give voice to experts, initiated and consumers coming from all over the world; with over 1000 participants expected, this will be the ideal framework to do business, to exchange views on the thematic issues, to enter into agreements and to network.

GSR Cocoa Machinery, placed in Calolziocorte (LC) and specialized in engineering, manufacturing and testing of cocoa pressing lines, will be present as sponsor shoulders to shoulders with its already consolidated partner Bühler, Swiss group at international level. These two realities will take action together in the name of Bühler Barth Germany, a division that, thanks to its long-term partnership with GSR, was able to develop advanced technologies for cocoa processing, based on state-of-the-art technical knowledge able to supply optimized solutions for the cocoa processing industry, by keeping a particular focus on the individual requirements to allow customers all over the world to rely on efficient processing granted all along the production chain. This ranges from cleaning, pre-treatment of cocoa beans, through alkalizing, roasting and grinding to cocoa liquor, up to cocoa powder production and cocoa butter processing. BBAR is a technology granting the market the highest product quality, maximum yield and a perfect development of more than 500 valuable flavor components in the cocoa.

This four-days WCC will be surely a unique opportunity to enter in contact with the most influent stakeholders, sharing expertise and competences and develop its own network. World Cocoa Conference will take place at Barceló Bávaro Convention Center of Bávaro, in the beautiful natural framework of the Dominican Republic. This event is sustained by the Ministry of the Dominican Republic, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and the Cocoa National Commission.