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Our strong points

More than 30 years of presses,
a lifelong passion for cocoa


We have a strong point that enables us to be a well-known warranty in our sector. Reliable delivery times, competitive prices, clear and precise answers and one to one supports are the elements that characterize the way we act...


We are part of a continuously growing society that is in constant evolution. This means developing rapid, decisive and resolute behavior. We are sure that to persist in what we’ve made, though the level is high, is restrictive. We act for continuous improvement: to keep up with times is our duty and to be ahead of time is our realistic ambition.


Over years of experience our diligent and professional action has been appreciated and recognized. We take pride in the GSR identity, a real evidence of the existence of a “Made in Italy”, achieved with perseverance, desire to do and know-how.


It is essential that the best in terms of quality levels is given. Starting from the design stage through material selection to manufacturing and testing, quality is always given the priority. We take care of our pressing lines from their design to their testing.

Winning elements

By investing great resources we aim to a continuous research, for us synonymous of development. This development is a direct consequence of our care turned to different spheres in order to achieve very high hygiene standards by keeping also a careful look to energy saving.

State-of-the-art manufacturing: innate quality.

Since 1992 GSR has established itself in the market as manufacturer of machineries, accessories and spare parts for cocoa pressing processes.Our company is located in the province of Lecco, famous for the manufacturing of heavy precision machineries. At the beginning of the 20th century the way was open for the development of the heavy industry in the area. This development was accelerated by a wave of spontaneous and increasing initiatives, thanks to the tradition of the area, the general spirit of enterprise, the presence of technicians with high level of professionalism and particularly its innovative and dynamic entrepreneurs who were able to promote the “Made in Lecco” brand (rather than “Made in Italy”). This is synonymous of the quality from Lecco.

Yes we ARE

In order to ensure the highest level of efficiency, we believe that it is essential to be part of a structure that is united and cohesive. We are really a company that is made up of engineers and trained technicians with a common purpose to create innovative products technologically advanced and reliable. Our team works at 360° to respond to the needs of our customers.

Designing and Manufacturing
Machines for Cocoa

We create innovative products technologically advanced and reliable to cover a complete range in terms of productive capacities, which adapts to all your needs.

GSR italian technology

High Production Presses


High Production Presses

With our series 900, 980 and the NEW 990 22V, we cover the full range as of productive capacity and we are able to manufacture a “tailor made” line, according to customers’ needs.

All GSR’s presses meet the strict global standards required by the Company Management: quality in the first place and a refined Italian design, capable to ensure high ergonomics and hygiene; essential aspects for a perfect productive cycle. Furthermore the special profiles, ensuring an excellent mechanical resistance in compliance with the requirements for energy saving and safety, feature the equipment with GSR’s standards of efficiency and reliability.

An accurate design of each press allows a remarkable reduction in machine downtime due to cleaning and maintenance.

The NEW 990 series deserves a special attention, a perfect mix between technological innovation and the highest production efficiency compared to the occupied space.

Productive capacities (low fat content cakes):
- series 900 up to 1060 kg/h
- series 980 up to 1540 kg/h
- series 990 up to 1950 kg/h

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Compact Line


Compact Line

Our compact series 870 has been specifically studied for all companies requiring lower capacities than the high production presses ones.

These compact lines consider the use of our presses series 870 which manufacturing philosophy is the same of their “big sisters” of 900, 980 and the NEW 990 series.

Their unique features are:

- Easy and fast installation
- High power and flexibility
- Low managing costs, Total Cost Operation
- High automation standards
- Advanced pressing process control
- High process efficiency
Productive capacities (low fat content cakes)
Series 870 up to 450 kg/h

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Presses Accessories


Presses Accessories

To complete our production presses, we propose some essential accessories for the presses operation:
- Hydraulic group series T3
- Homogenizer series CT
- Product transfer pumps series P4
- Butter scale series BT
- Cake breaker series G
- De-dusting filter
- Press for the filter holding plate mounting type PMT

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To avoid any problem by conveying high temperature crushed cakes, there is the possibility to add the pressing line our cooler series CSS, to lower product temperature.

To facilitate this process there is the possibility to equip the cooler with a desiccated air unit blowing dry air into the cooler in order to avoid moisture formation.

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To improve the quality of the butter got from pressing, eliminating as much as possible the impurities inside, it can be used a filtering system.

According to the productive capacity there are two systems:

- The filter press
- The filter cricket

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We have available the most complete range of laboratory presses with a pressure capacity of 1400 kg/cm2 and 1250 kg/cm2, as well as an automatic line for small productions series 902.

Our laboratory presses are specially designed for research and experimentation of the extraction of fats from any oliy products.

This takes place through a software expressly studied to cross the data of the different tests and getting so the ideal productive cycle.

In spite of their reduced sizes, technology and functionality have nothing to envy to the production presses.

Loading capacity:
- series 1400 from 0,2 to 0,55 litres
- series 1250 4,8 litres
- series 902 up to 50 kg/h

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In support of the laboratory presses we propose some accessories to facilitate operators’ work.

- Melting/conditioning system series MT/10
- Cake breaker

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