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More than 30 years of presses,
a lifelong passion for cocoa

Laboratory Presses

Series 1/1400 | 2/1250 | 902

We have available the most complete range of laboratory presses with a pressure capacity of 1400 kg/cm2 and 1250 kg/cm2, as well as an automatic line for small productions series 902.

Our laboratory presses are specially designed for research and experimentation of the extraction of fats from any oliy products.

This takes place through a software expressly studied to cross the data of the different tests and getting so the ideal productive cycle.

In spite of their reduced sizes, technology and functionality have nothing to envy to the production presses.

Loading capacity:
- series 1400 from 0,2 to 0,55 litres
- series 1250 4,8 litres
- series 902 up to 50 kg/h

Series 2/1250

The two-pots press 2/1250 applies a specific pressure of 1250 kg/cm2 on the product: another concentrate of technology, this press is dedicated to laboratories working on greater quantities or repeating tests on great product quantities; here the repeatability is an essential element of the research.

The manual loading is about 10 times higher than the press 1/1400 one and it can be of cocoa and hazelnut masses or other products like oily seeds in general.

To ease the pressing of different products, the loading group has got a double diameter.

The press heating is made through a diathermic oil thermostat ensuring and checking the pre-set temperature.

Technical Data

Loading capacity: 4,8 liters

Specific pressure on product: up to 1250 kg/cm²

Series 1/1400

The press 1/1400 is a high technology concentrate: it applies a specific pressure of 1400 Kg/cm2 on the product and hence it represents the best press dedicated to research.

The press is manually loaded with cocoa and hazelnut masses or other products, as well as oily seeds and generally with everything needs to be detached from a basic element applying a strong pressure.

The loading group has got a double diameter in order to facilitate the products pressing.

To facilitate the pressing processes where a low residual extraction percentage from the basic product is required, the press 1/1400 has got a variable loading chamber, settable by the software.

The press heating is made through a diathermic oil thermostat ensuring and checking the pre-set temperature.

Technical Data

Loading capacity: from 0,20 to 0,55 liters

Specific pressure on product: up to 1400 kg/cm2

Automatic laboratory press Pilot 902

GSR, all along attentive to market evolutions, added the new automatic press Pilot 902 to its laboratory presses range.

Even in such a small equipment we transferred our experience, gained in high production and compact lines, replicating quality, efficiency, performance, reliability as well as high technological level.

The peculiar features of this small automatic press are:

  • - automatic productive capacity lower then 100 kg/h.;
  • - flexibility, suitable for cocoa, hazelnut and oily masses;
  • - reliability in different pressing conditions, light, heavy, at a room or cold temperature;
  • - Management, easy but technologically advanced, suitable to manage particular pressing conditions;
  • - easy and fast installation;
  • - very low maintenance;
  • - reduced energy consumption
  • - quality, hygiene, safety: the ultimate global standard of high capacity pressing lines.

Technical Data

Productive capacity: up to 50 kg/h

Specific pressure on product: 980 kg/cm2

Accessories for laboratory presses

laboratory press and laboratory accessories

Series MT10 | Cake Breaker

In support of the laboratory presses we propose some accessories to facilitate operators’ work.

- Melting/conditioning system series MT/10
- Cake breaker

Melting/conditioning system series MT/10

Melting/conditioning system MT/10 has been properly studied for laboratories; its duty is to prepare the mass to be loaded.

It can evenly dissolve solid products by an adjustable stirring speed fit for any mass to be processed.

Technical Data

Loading capacity:
- from 2 to 15 litres

Specific pressure on product: 990 kg/cmq

Cake Breaker

The cake breaker has been specially studied for laboratories; its duty is to break the cakes coming from pressing to achieve controlled sizes of crushed products.

The peculiarity of this cake breaker is the possibility to get different sizes by replacing only the selecting grid.

Cake breakers are also useful in nibs or other products process which requires a pre-grinding, to allow a later shell separation.

- G10S for press series 1400
- G15S for press series 1250

Technical Data

Productive capacity:
Model G35S: capacity beyond 1500 kg/h
Model G65S: capacity beyond 3000 kg/h
Model G90S: capacity beyond 3500 kg/h

Series 900

The Series 900 offers presses composed by 8 – 10 – 12 – 14 pots. It belongs to the “big sister” category thanks to its high production capacity. In this series, the press 8/900 is particularly interesting. Recently introduced into the GSR product lines, it has the goal to satisfy the necessities of a growing specific market directing at obtaining a pure 100% origin product. The 8/900 belongs to the GSR high production cocoa presses, however, by being the smallest among these, it simultaneously approaches to the compact line. This aspect drives its additional value: a press able to guarantee the right qualitative mix by incorporating the properties of both series, setting itself between the productive philosophy of the “bigger sister” series 900 and 980 and the compact lines 870. The 8/900 represents the right complement to the series designed and developed for the high production: it is the smallest press among the series 900 but with an high core potential able to serve the demands of the medium production In general, this series has:

  • - Low and reduced total cost operation
  • - Easy and fast installation
  • - High versatility

Technical Data

Productive capacity: from 600 kg/h to 2040 kg/h

Specific pressure on product: 900 kg/cmq

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