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Calolziocorte, April 16, 2018 – Bühler invested in its new Bühler cocoa application lab to offer customers process trials from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. After the grand opening in mid-March, customers are preparing to run the first trials. Bühler aims to be the preferred local partner for the complete cocoa process chain in Southeast Asia. With the new cocoa application lab Bühler completes its existing chocolate lab. Therefore Bühler Indonesia can now offer complete customer trials for cocoa processing, ranging from cocoa beans to cocoa liquor and to the end product, chocolate bars. “We have shown our customers what we are capable of in terms of research and development right here” says Joachim Essig, Head of Market Segment Cocoa. “So for our customers there is no need to travel to Europe for trials anymore”. The investment raised the interest of top chocolate producers operating in the region. “Some customers already placed orders for trials here” says Tobias Lohmüller, Lead Project Engineer. “That clearly shows that we satisfy a customer need with our lab”. With two service engineers and a consumer food technologist the facility offers not only state-of-the-art machinery, but in-depth expert knowledge. It serves as the regional hub for the complete chocolate process chain from bean to bar.

Bühler introduced the new cocoa lab to key people of the Southeast Asia cocoa industry in mid-March. The cocoa lab grand opening and seminar in Jakarta hosted 55 participants from 20 companies, all of them household names in the industry. “Facing varying quality of the incoming raw materials, we definitely need to refine our processes as well. We are definitely looking forward to this help from Bühler” says Ajay Nair, Head of Manufacturing at Olam Cocoa Asia Pacific. With a whole cocoa processing line customers can go through all their processes, such as alkalizing, roasting, grinding and pressing of the cocoa liqueur, as well as how to further process the chocolate product for the best indulging experience. Analytical studies then help them to improve their ingredients and recipes. “Apart from services you also provide innovative solutions. That is why we have such a strong bond with Bühler” says Mr. Nair with regard to the services available. Furthermore, Bühler uses the lab as a training facility. Well-trained local process engineers will support Bühler customers with their expertise and offer various courses for cocoa and chocolate customers. With the opening of this new application center, Bühler and GSR strengthened the partnership established in 2015: the GSR hydraulic cocoa press 1/1400 was installed inside the laboratory, in the department dedicated to the cocoa processing process and it completes the small-scale production line offered by Bühler.

The Jakarta laboratory undoubtedly represents an interesting opportunity for Southeast Asia customers. The alliance between Bühler and us has been conceived to benefit the companies operating in the cocoa processing sector by offering them a complete product range from a single source, and the application center perfectly expresses this concept. Having participated in first person at the official inauguration in front of an audience of professionals so interested and participatory, has shown us how the laboratory is a winning solution to ensure a concrete development for many Asian companies working in the cocoa processing sector” – declared Giuseppe Turla, General Manager of GSR Cocoa Machinery.