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Calolziocorte, October 10, 2018 – GSR is attending, for the second year, the London Chocolate Forum, an international conference organized by Kennedy’s Confection and dedicated to the entire chocolate supply chain. As always, it will be the heart of London to host the event, even bigger this year. There the senior management of all the companies related to the chocolate and cocoa industry will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and stay in tune with the present and the future trends and challenges of one of the most popular foods in the world.

The appointment is scheduled for 11 October in London, and once again GSR is attending as one of the event’s sponsors. A key opportunity to reflect on the present and look to the future with curiosity and determination, while ensuring that the entire supply chain moves together for the benefit of an important industrial and food sector, which can increasingly approach concepts such as ethics, health and sustainability.

Last year, the LCF meeting ended with important considerations on the subject of sugar content, with a challenge launched to the producers who are called to find the right compromise between taste and quantity of sugars in snacks and chocolate, and on the very important topic of sustainability. What progress has the sector made one year later?


Calolziocorte, July 2018 – Born and raised in the province of Lecco, GSR Cocoa Machinery continues to travel the world not only for commercial needs, but also for the most important international events dedicated to the cocoa and chocolate industry. The last appointment on the calendar, just concluded, is Chocovision: three days of discussion and analysis held from 5 to 7 June in Davos, Switzerland, with over 200 delegates from over 25 countries.

“To the point” the motto chosen for this edition, in order to launch a strong message to the actors of the entire supply chain: to openly face the challenges and opportunities of the sector, without wasting time and adopting a collaborative approach between all the parties involved: from farmers to governments, from intermediaries to companies up to civil society. Sustainability was another of the hot topics faced during the three days. An important issue chosen so that the leading companies in the sector become aware of the challenges that the market will have to face in the nearest future, aware that the change lies in technology as well as in people.

Chocovision has certainly allowed us to network with many personalities of the sector, to create new bonds and strengthened those already existing. Opportunities like this are essential for a direct comparison between people who hold top management roles within all the major companies of the market. The event also represented an interesting chance to understand the dynamics of the sector in the next two years, a plus that will allow us to develop concrete answers to the needs of the entire supply chain“- commented Giuseppe Turla, General Manager of GSR Cocoa Machinery.

The international forum was an opportunity to highlight important issues: “Sustainability and commitment to collaborate as a whole supply chain are certainly praiseworthy and indispensable aspects, but what we must commit ourselves today is to build a detailed and precise action plan coordinated perhaps by a superpartes actor that limits the splitting, gathering under one single hat the efforts of everyone, thus giving life to a real and concrete collaboration that brings tangible and long-term benefits” – said Simona Turla – Junior Marketing Manager of GSR Cocoa Machinery.


Calolziocorte, May 22, 2018 – Bühler and GSR Cocoa Machinery attended, next to each other, the Fourth World Cocoa Conference, an international event that this year brought to Berlin the major players of the cocoa sector. A joint participation that proves their long-standing partnership conceived to benefit the customers of both companies, by offering them a complete product range from a single source. Sustainability has been the core topic discussed during the various debates of the WCC. A critical theme addressed along with other issues relatable to the cocoa value chain such as child labor, gender inequality as well as environmental degradation like deforestation.

“We are aware that certain inefficiencies exist along the manufacturing of cocoa and chocolate. Decision-makers of this sector should understand their critical role in making the cocoa supply chain greener. As leader in a specific segment such as the pressing line, we have the duty to assume a high degree of responsibility and therefore adopt sustainable practices for the benefit of our customers”- it has been affirmed from GSR Cocoa Machinery.

GSR is not new to these topics and, indeed, it has already put in place various efforts to address the sustainability challenges. Beginning with the analysis of the possible progress necessary to make its machinery and, in general, its action policy, more sustainable, nowadays GSR is implementing a dual strategy.

Internally, it has integrated sustainability as a company’s business value. Starting from its raw material stream, GSR is following a policy under which most of its suppliers has to be certified in environmental terms. By being a company involved in the cocoa processes, GSR has also improved its social performance, supporting various organizations operating in favor of those working in the cocoa crops; just to name some, GSR has financed the local construction of some children’s school desks thanks to the Kenyan School Project by Bill & Lynn Morris. Donation has been done also to the C.R.E.E.R Association for the construction of a center in Ivory Coast devoted to helping exploited, abused and trafficked children.

In these years, GSR has also committed itself to ensuring sustainability externally, through its products and services. Its willingness to being a supportive partner for its clients brought the company’s attention to the development of a pressing process’s control system able to give important energy insights for the benefit of its users that can, therefore, obtain detailed energy consumption, easy to interpret and control. Heating is another crucial step in the pressing process. Aware of this, GSR has properly designed safety protections, whose major benefit, among others, is to concentrate the heat around the machine, consequently reducing the thermal energy requirement. GSR has also invested in the improvement of processes and output with particular attention paid to waste reduction. In this view, consumables’ life has been extended thanks to the switch to improved materials as well as the development of better usage practices. Additionally GSR, thanks to its competence and experience, can offer repair, upgrade and revamping services, able to avoid an early scrapping of the machine. Smart solutions that contribute to waste reduction as they make sure that the old lines can be used again, adapting to the new production needs required by the clients. Lastly, by building important synergies with key industrial realities of the sector such as the partnership with Bühler, GSR has enlarged its sustainable vision. Reduce energy demands of a turnkey project means saving an important percentage of total costs, an aspect that should not be underestimated because it can greener the supply chain together with increase the margins.

“We agree that the time to act is now; the whole industry must continue its progress, implementing programs, project and policies designed to improve the efficiency of the cocoa sector. Those actions should also be transparent and accountable. This is an imperative and procrastination is no longer an option” – it has been said from GSR Cocoa Machinery at the end of the international event.


Calolziocorte, April 19, 2018New international appointment for GSR Cocoa Machinery, that is going to be in Berlin from the 22nd to 25th April at the fourth edition of the World Cocoa Conference (WCC). An event that will attract, in the German city, the different players operating in the delightful cocoa and chocolate sector.

GSR is attending the conference as co-sponsors with the Swiss giant Bühler, an opportunity that once again emphasizes the close link between the two industrial companies. In particular, GSR Cocoa Machinery is participating at the conference with Bühler Germany, a division of the group able to develop optimized solutions for the cocoa processing industry.

WCC represents an important forum where to confront with small and big cocoa producers, create new contacts from all over the world as well as meet already known customers. The biennial event, in fact, for each edition draws the attention of over 1500 participants from over 60 countries resulting in the ideal place where to discuss on different issues in regard to the entire production chain that leads cocoa to turn into chocolate.


Calolziocorte, April 16, 2018 – Bühler invested in its new Bühler cocoa application lab to offer customers process trials from the cocoa bean to the chocolate bar. After the grand opening in mid-March, customers are preparing to run the first trials. Bühler aims to be the preferred local partner for the complete cocoa process chain in Southeast Asia. With the new cocoa application lab Bühler completes its existing chocolate lab. Therefore Bühler Indonesia can now offer complete customer trials for cocoa processing, ranging from cocoa beans to cocoa liquor and to the end product, chocolate bars. “We have shown our customers what we are capable of in terms of research and development right here” says Joachim Essig, Head of Market Segment Cocoa. “So for our customers there is no need to travel to Europe for trials anymore”. The investment raised the interest of top chocolate producers operating in the region. “Some customers already placed orders for trials here” says Tobias Lohmüller, Lead Project Engineer. “That clearly shows that we satisfy a customer need with our lab”. With two service engineers and a consumer food technologist the facility offers not only state-of-the-art machinery, but in-depth expert knowledge. It serves as the regional hub for the complete chocolate process chain from bean to bar.

Bühler introduced the new cocoa lab to key people of the Southeast Asia cocoa industry in mid-March. The cocoa lab grand opening and seminar in Jakarta hosted 55 participants from 20 companies, all of them household names in the industry. “Facing varying quality of the incoming raw materials, we definitely need to refine our processes as well. We are definitely looking forward to this help from Bühler” says Ajay Nair, Head of Manufacturing at Olam Cocoa Asia Pacific. With a whole cocoa processing line customers can go through all their processes, such as alkalizing, roasting, grinding and pressing of the cocoa liqueur, as well as how to further process the chocolate product for the best indulging experience. Analytical studies then help them to improve their ingredients and recipes. “Apart from services you also provide innovative solutions. That is why we have such a strong bond with Bühler” says Mr. Nair with regard to the services available. Furthermore, Bühler uses the lab as a training facility. Well-trained local process engineers will support Bühler customers with their expertise and offer various courses for cocoa and chocolate customers. With the opening of this new application center, Bühler and GSR strengthened the partnership established in 2015: the GSR hydraulic cocoa press 1/1400 was installed inside the laboratory, in the department dedicated to the cocoa processing process and it completes the small-scale production line offered by Bühler.

The Jakarta laboratory undoubtedly represents an interesting opportunity for Southeast Asia customers. The alliance between Bühler and us has been conceived to benefit the companies operating in the cocoa processing sector by offering them a complete product range from a single source, and the application center perfectly expresses this concept. Having participated in first person at the official inauguration in front of an audience of professionals so interested and participatory, has shown us how the laboratory is a winning solution to ensure a concrete development for many Asian companies working in the cocoa processing sector” – declared Giuseppe Turla, General Manager of GSR Cocoa Machinery.


Calolziocorte, March 16, 2018 – “Look at Her…She’s perfect!” it is with this heading that GSR Cocoa Machinery presented its novelty, the press 20/980: a concentrate of engineering and power, conceptualized and designed for those industrial companies who want to go further, with a technological solution that defies all limits.

This new press 20/980 is characterized by the highest production capacity ever conceived before, expression of mighty force able to adapt herself even to the most limited spaces. A novelty first and foremost created from a great technical expertise combined with a deep knowledge of customers’ needs; the results is a product able to satisfy the new trends in the food processing sector such as food safety, quality standard and sustainability.

Developed by the layout of the series 980, this press has captured the indisputable qualities of each GSR product: the high degree of ergonomics and hygiene features, the scrupulous quality standards as well as a fine Italian design. But there is much more: GSR engineers have devised an excellent manufacturing press, able to guarantee to its buyers a production capacity increased by about 9 – 10%. Moreover, during the project phase, particular studies have been carried out to ensure that ordinary maintenance operations can be pursued in an easy and fast way: an important point to avoid too long downtime, which can cause a costs’ increase as well as production inefficiencies. In addition to these advantages, there is also another plus, such as the results obtained by the R&D department of GSR Cocoa Machinery. Among them, worthy of mention is the reduction in the overall energy consumption, which together with the decrease in the duration of the pressing cycle lead to a reduction in the total cost per ton of process: a valuable result in order to obtain a perfect production process.

However, the 20/980 is not just the expression of technology; to design and build this press GSR engineers worked in synergy with customers, as technical expertise and different production needs could be combined into a product that excelled for effectiveness and efficiency.


Calolziocorte, February 22, 2018 – Last October it took part as a sponsor at the London Chocolate Forum while the previous year was one of the protagonists of the World Cocoa Conference; this year GSR Cocoa Machinery, an Italian company specialized in the design and production of cocoa presses has been among the chocolovers that took part in the third edition of the Salon du Chocolat in Milan.

Leading company among the businesses operating in the cocoa sector in the world, the made in Lecco firm visited the Milanese kermesse dedicated to the “food of the Gods” in order to learn the latest trends in an increasingly refined and diversified sector such as the one of chocolate.

GSR can satisfy the need not only to large world producers but also to small gourmet realities wishing to offer their customers chocolate with a particular and refined taste. Over the years the company, to satisfy the needs of this elite user base, has decided to expand its product range with pressing lines of “small” dimensions, able to guarantee equally the high-quality standards pursued by the company with, however, production capacities more suited to reduced production loads.

“For us, the Salon du Chocolat represented an ideal context to become aware of the trends in the Italian market. The occasion was ideal for interfacing with different actors in the sector while understanding the taste of consumers: essential aspects in order to continue to develop ideal solutions for all those companies we serve. The focus, however, did not concern only Italy: thanks to this important event we were able to get a taste of what will be the new trends abroad “– declared  GSR Cocoa Machinery.


Calolziocorte, February 19, 2018 –Already certified ISO 9001 since 2005 for the quality management system, GSR has favorably concluded the process started on 23 November, to make the transition to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standards.

Compared to the previous certification, the latter presents important innovations: greater emphasis on achieving the desired process results in order to increase customer satisfaction, increased requirements related to leadership, greater attention to the organizational context and the adoption of Risk Based Thinking : a new way of dealing with quality management, focusing on the ability of each individual within the company  to take actions resulting from a personal and rational assessment of the possible consequences triggered by their own choice, against possible actions taken in a mechanical and uncritical way. Introducing Risk Based Thinking inside a company allows to determine the factors that could render the processes and the Quality Management System ineffective, and to put in place the necessary controls to ensure that this does not happen.

“The adoption of a quality system is a strategic decision that helps the organization to improve its performance and it is a solid foundation for sustainable development initiatives”: this is the incipit expressed the first lines of the certification obtained. Important and meaningful words that make us proud of having obtained such recognition: our path has always been oriented towards achieving the highest quality standards in order to satisfy every stakeholder close to GSR, having passed the audit carried out by RINA confirms the correctness of the path undertaken in these years “


Calolziocorte, December 02, 2017 –Friday night, in the beautiful location of Villa Calchi, was held the celebration of the 25th anniversary of GSR Cocoa Machinery, the company based in Calolziocorte, which decided to crown its first quarter of a century with an event attended by employees and suppliers. Born in a territory, like that of the province of Lecco, which has always distinguished itself as a basin recognized all over the world for the achievement of excellence in the field of metallurgy and heavy precision mechanics, today GSR has reached the highest peaks inside the cocoa sector.

The evening was marked by a festive atmosphere, in which the company’s employees and suppliers took part; as recalled by the CEO and Founder of GSR – Luigi Turla: “They represent the lifeblood and an indispensable component, which allowed the company to become what is today in the world: one of the major leaders in the sector “. In fact, over its 25 years of history GSR has specialized itself in the design and manufacturing of presses useful for processing cocoa and other oil-based seeds, becoming the official supplier of the major industries operating in this field, without ever forgetting the small producers, thanks to lines designed specifically to guarantee, with the same precision, smaller productions.

Many were the participants to this event full of emotions: among them some representatives of local institutions, all employees of the company and suppliers who for years have followed with care and involvement the growth path undertaken by GSR. During his speech, Luigi TurlaCEO and Founder of GSR took the opportunity to emphasize that “the last year represented a particularly flourishing period for the company, started in the best way, continued with the long-awaited participation in the prestigious Interpack trade fair and ended with an event so much felt that tonight, aimed just to crown, not just a festive occasion but a whole year of successes “.

During the evening Giuseppe Turla, General Manager of GSR, said that “With the expansion of personnel and new targets to be conquered, we are ready to strengthen the sector with new ideas and to establish new market standards, so much so that we are already projecting into a 2018 of great successes and satisfaction”.

A journey across the chocolate industry’s trends, by focusing on sustainability and ethics

Calolziocorte, October 12, 2017 A busy schedule of meetings and debates characterized the 2017 edition of the London Chocolate forum, the international conference organized by Kennedy’s Confection Magazine with the aim of bringing together the major players in the cocoa and chocolate industry. Among the main sponsor of the forum GSR Cocoa Machinery, who attended the event aware of the relevance such a conference could have on its path of continuous updating.

Many topics were discussed on the stage at The Crystal in London. The agenda started from the results of consumers’ survey regarding their today’s chocolate preferences and tastes and it later moved to the presentation of the brand new Ruby Chocolate by Barry Callebaut; other discussed topics were the crucial theme of sustainability and the topic of food’ sugar content, a factor that could revolutionize the manufacturing industry over the next few years. A very perceived issue in England, where there is great concern about the percentage of sugar in snacks, drinks and chocolate. Hence wide scope was dedicated to further research into this field, which has shown that sugar is an important structural component of chocolate. The challenge is therefore addressed to producer companies that in the coming years should find the right combination of factors allowing so the correct compromise between taste and sugar, even if someone already speaks of a potential chocolate without sugars and fats to be presented on the market next year.

During the lectures it was also explained why chocolate is such a profitable industrial sector: $ 98bn worldwide of which $ 35bn produced in the sole Europe in 2016, with flourishing prospects for the future. Specifically, it is estimated that between 2017 and 2022, chocolate will have increasing opportunities in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australasia, while in Europe there will be an increase in its value over its sales volumes. During the show many case studies were presented and they highlighted the ever-growing focus on chocolates able to differentiate themselves based on quality, ethics, sustainability and sociality: examples of these trends are chocolates with the addition of flowers, vegetables and quinoa. To this end, GSR was a pioneer of the future: almost fifteen years  ago, the company decided to introduce pressing lines specifically designed for those laboratories and handicrafts realities that wanted to create special chocolates, designed for those market niches interested in finding an unconventional product able of surprising and meeting new customer’s tastes.

Among the speakers of the day C.R.E.E.R., an association operating in Côte d’Ivoire devoted to helping exploited, abused and trafficked children. The organization aims to be self-sufficient as possible even if the costs of running the center are high.  Due to that reason many companies chose to contribute to the right cause of the association.

“We are delighted to have taken part to this edition of the London Chocolate Forum. First of all we have to thank Kennedys and its team, especially Angus, for the impeccable organization and the attention they have shown in every single detail. The LCF was formed by a selected audience who could make the most of the discussion, touching the developments in the industry while activating great opportunities for business link; thanks to this participation we can confirm that we have consolidated our network of contacts”- said Luigi Turla, CEO of GSR Cocoa Machinery, adding – “On this occasion we chose to make a donation to the association C.R.E.E.R. as we are firmly convinced that in our industry, apart from all business-oriented relationships, there is a strong need for these realities capable of ensuring ethics and respect for human rights; these are aspects that go beyond any industrial logic and which must necessarily represent values indispensable for every actor in this area.”