Line Pilot 902

In the course of time the chocolate imaginary deeply transformed. From a sin of gluttony to a gourmet’s snobbery, from caloric and cariogenic “bomb” to health and nourishing food.

GSR, all along attentive to market evolutions, identified the pressing lines enabling the producers to completely satisfy any market needs. We handed all the experience gained over years with our high capacity and compact lines over our new “technological jewel”: the PILOT 902 press. It highlights our manufacturing DNA in the best way possible.

Engineering and manufacturing did not compromise even for a so small equipment. Quality, efficiency, performance as well as reliability and high technological level are the key features distinguishing our pressing lines.

GSR once again dictates rules and market standards due to:

  • an automatic productive capacity lower then 100 kg/h.;
  • flexibility, fit for different cocoa masses, hazelnut and oily pastes;
  • reliability in any different pressing conditions, light, heavy, at a room or cold temperature;
  • easy but technologically advanced management fit for particular pressing requirements;
  • easy and fast installation;
  • very low maintenance;
  • reduced energy consumption;
  • price;
  • quality, hygiene, safety: the ultimate global standard of high capacity pressing lines.

Technical Data

Productive Capacity: up to 50 kg/h
Specific pressure on product: 980 kg/cmq