New Life: the art of giving new life to cocoa pressing machineries signed GSR Cocoa Machinery

Calolziocorte, October 23th 2014 – To give new life to any pressing line without scrapping it before the time requires a high level of expertise and know-how. GSR Cocoa Machineries efficiency and its capability to go beyond the time approach together to offer a valid service to its potential Customers. The company placed in Lecco and born in 1992 has been specializing over the years at a worldwide level in the manufacturing of lines and components for cocoa pressing. Thanks to its technological expertise it is able to upgrade old machineries, avoiding so their replacement before the expected time.

The upgrading process which GSR Cocoa Machinery is able to put to use is a highly precious service aimed at the fulfilment of three purposes: technologically and technically upgrade the pressing lines, to increase their productive capacity and to make them up-to-date with high levels of hygiene and safety, as per the current regulations in its field. The greater productive capacity matched with high performances notably reduce the Total Cost Operation, i.e. the total cost per each processed ton, costs such as consumption materials, ordinary maintenance, spare parts and energy necessary to process each cocoa liquor ton. GSR Cocoa Machinery is a made in Italy warranty in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. The upgrading intervention on any cocoa pressing machinery has been conducting after a careful analysis of the situation of the current line.

GSR Cocoa Machinery is a company known at a global level, so much which its sales volume derives almost exclusively from its activity carried out abroad. A highly refined interlocutor, able to excel in its sector and who distinguishes itself for the attention it paid in all requests, finding optimal solutions for each need. A company made of men and expertise which over the years have been able to put themselves on the line, becoming soon one of the most important worldwide leaders in the manufacturing of cocoa pressing machineries.
GSR success is inevitably linked to its capabilities in making business and creating appeal with its large range of pressing lines, composed of big lines with high productive capacity, Compact lines and Laboratory ones.