Pusher Conveyors Series TS

These solid structured conveyors are properly studied to collect the falling cocoa cakes and to feed the cakes breaker. Upon cakes unloading, the pusher starts advancing towards the cake breaker. The advancing speed and its intermediate breaks are managed by the switchboard and they may be set.

Thrust conveyors are designed to reduce the noise level ,during cakes release, and to ensure an automatic cleaning of the channel conveying the cakes.

Their motorization is placed centrally allowing an easy maintenance. A gear motor, equipped with a bloc clutch, transmits a constant torque to the transmission and a control system intervenes in case of an irregular pusher progress. These conveyors are studied to work without interruptions, they have got a solid structure and very low maintenance.
At the channel opening a special flange will allow a direct connection of both hopper and cake breaker becoming a unique group.

Technical Data

Lenght: from 3000 to 7500 mm (*)

Conveyors can be supplied according to any need;
Conveyors can be supplied with single or double exit;