It is designed to guarantee a simple, fast and correct mounting of the filter cloths on the filter- holding plates; essential to ensure a longer filter cloths life.
This specific equipment ensures the centering of the cloths compared with the plate, a proper positioning of the cloth and the insertion of the teflon cord to be automatically pressed into the seat for a perfect cloths fixing on the plate with an uniform tension.

The closing occurs by means of a hydraulic cylinder controlled by a power pack. The power applied to the piston rod is 20 ton. Electrical panel, hydraulic safety valves, simultaneously operated double push-button panel ensure a safe use of the press according to the most restrictive safety rules.

The electro-welded steel structure of the press is calculated and dimensioned to avoid any bending. The hydraulic power pack is lodged in the lower part of the frame, the electrical panel itself is fixed on the back outer side of the frame. These presses may be equipped to mount cloths on the plates of any manufacturer’s presses.