Melting Series MT10 – MT20

Melting system function

The melting system is used in case of panels, cocoa blocs or other masses to be melt at a right temperature and slow stirring avoiding so to alter the original features of the product. After setting the melting point this value will be kept. In case masses had to be brought to a higher temperature, the MT/10 will provide a controlled increasing until reaching the pre-set value without altering the original features.

Conditioning function

Conditioning is the necessary action to bring a liquid mass to a set and kept steady temperature value. The MT will provide a controlled increasing up to the reaching of the pre-set value without altering the original features. For example cocoa liquor, hazelnut mass or oily seeds have to be conditioned and blended in order fats or oils are homogeneous by leveling the extraction effect in pressing.

Melting-Conditioning system: the features

It is important that temperatures control and increase may be set and checked according to the temperatures of the heating element compared with the ones of the products to be heated.
In both phases a stirrer, equipped with special blades and scraper, stirs the product according to the set speed until process completion.

This is a perfect balance: conditioning is made in a stainless steel double-wall tank. A special resistance warms the external tank heating so the internal one by a diathermic liquid kept into circulation. The uniform heating spreads to the product in contact with the surface of the inner tank.