Hydraulic Units Series T3

Hydraulic engineering and management logic make this hydraulic groups series a cornerstone of our research about reliability, flexibility, power and energy saving with units able to adapt themselves to any kind of cocoa liquor to get the best pressing cycle performance :The greatest quantity of pressed product in the shortest possible time.

This result has been reached by creating a perfect match among the PLC software and the control software of the hydraulic unit and the components used in its pressing circuit. These groups regulate themselves thanks to the software by keeping the best pressing curve even in case the pressing liquor features to be pressed vary. The mechanical and hydraulic design as well as the components choice coupled with a technologically advanced management software allow the achievement of uncopyable hydraulic groups, by keeping the same features in the various sizes.

These hydraulic groups – standard on our lines – are suitable to any kind of pressing line with the following advantages:

  • flexibility in adapting to the various kinds of liquors to be pressed;
  • steady pressing curves with immediate and easy setting;
  • efficient management system, which can be interfaced with any kind of installation;
  • low maintenance.

Technical Data

Capacity: from 14 to 75 l/min
Installed Power: from 9,7 to 32,2 Kw