Filter Press

The filter press is used in the separation process of the liquid product from the solid residues.
The butter to be filtered has to be kept heated at 80/85°C in order to maintain an efficient filtration.
The filtering mean is a tissue having well defined permeability features. The product to be filtered, fed by a feeding pump into the filtering elements, has to pass, in its liquid form, through the tissue giving the solid particles which will be held by the cloths. This happens until the cavities (of the filtering element), able to hold solids, are completely overfilled.
The check of this condition is made by an air pressure switch stopping the filtering process once the press overcame the max. pressure threshold.

The machine is composed of a steel frame in which it is lodged the structure supporting the filtering couples (plates-frame-filters) and the closing piston of the filtering pack. On the frame electric panel, feeding pump, filtered butter collecting channel as well as the opening/closing plates device are placed.


Upon request it may be forecast an integrated system of “butter re-launching” able to collect, keep hot and convey the butter, by means of a pump, to the stocking tank. This system is wholly integrated in the filter press.

Technical Data

Productive Capacity: from 400 kg/h to 1500 kg/h