EDCP Control Systems

This line control system is based on a general switchboard with SIEMENS PLC of S7300 family
(different brands and configurations upon request).
The control system is based on a configuration with touch-screen operator panel on board for the equipment management and maintenance. SCADA supervision system is developed in Intouch on PC platform placed in the general control room.
The supervision software has been developed with animated graphics and pop-up windows, allowing the operators an easy and immediate management and understanding of the line operation. The application is complete with sections dedicated to machines operating graphics, pressure diagrams, speed, weight, temperature and everything is necessary to a deep analysis of the operating condition of the whole equipment. A specific section is dedicated to the line production by means of an operating diagnostics able to manage history and working recipes. Different passwords accesses are foreseen, in compliance with tasks and professional figures involved in the productive and maintenance process.
The standard configuration forecasts a RITTAL carpentry panel; upon request it is available in stainless steel.

The unit is built in compliance with CE-CEI Rules.