Breakers G Series

The purpose of the breaker is to crush cocoa cakes achieving controlled sized products to be conveyed to the silos, pneumatically or by other means.

They are prearranged for a continuous working with no clogging. To the main shaft, where hammers are assembled, a gear motor is coupled transmitting the motion by means of a clutch group. The mills rotation is controlled by a sensor which, in case of accident (steel pieces falling into the hammers for ex.) sends an alarm warning cutting the motor feeding.
Structure, shaft, hammers, support bearings, as well as motorization are steel made and widely over dimensioned. The breaker is equipped with two types of cakes feeding hopper:

  • independent hopper: in this case the breaker is sustained by proper supports;
  • carrying hopper to be coupled to the thrust conveyor TS Series achieving a unique module

An electric isolator, connected to the motor and to a sensor located on the inspection port, ensures a full safety during inspections.

The standard configuration of the breaker is the “S” version where hammers configuration, matched to different grids, allows to set the wished size.

Upon request the breaker can be delivered in the “R” version, too. Here the grid is formed of independent modules to achieve variable pitches and to vary the number of hammers. The milling axle in this configuration is concentric compared to the milling rotating axle.

It is foreseen a flanged fastening to be connected to powder aspiration systems.

Technical Data

Model G35S: capacity beyond 1500 kg/h
Model G65S: capacity beyond 3000 kg/h
Model G90S: capacity beyond 3500 kg/h
*Brakers can be supplied according to customer’s need