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Kennedy’s Confection _ October 2018

GSR Cocoa Machinery press 20/980 positively influenced the 2018 scenario linked to the transformation of cocoa into chocolate. The company confirms its desire to revolutionize the sector to the beat of innovation also next year: in fact, there are rumors about two “Made in Italy” innovations, both dedicated to the world of cocoa and oilseeds for large and small productions.


Calolziocorte, October 10, 2018 – GSR is attending, for the second year, the London Chocolate Forum, an international conference organized by Kennedy’s Confection and dedicated to the entire chocolate supply chain. As always, it will be the heart of London to host the event, even bigger this year. There the senior management of all the companies related to the chocolate and cocoa industry will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and stay in tune with the present and the future trends and challenges of one of the most popular foods in the world.

The appointment is scheduled for 11 October in London, and once again GSR is attending as one of the event’s sponsors. A key opportunity to reflect on the present and look to the future with curiosity and determination, while ensuring that the entire supply chain moves together for the benefit of an important industrial and food sector, which can increasingly approach concepts such as ethics, health and sustainability.

Last year, the LCF meeting ended with important considerations on the subject of sugar content, with a challenge launched to the producers who are called to find the right compromise between taste and quantity of sugars in snacks and chocolate, and on the very important topic of sustainability. What progress has the sector made one year later?


Calolziocorte, July 2018 – Born and raised in the province of Lecco, GSR Cocoa Machinery continues to travel the world not only for commercial needs, but also for the most important international events dedicated to the cocoa and chocolate industry. The last appointment on the calendar, just concluded, is Chocovision: three days of discussion and analysis held from 5 to 7 June in Davos, Switzerland, with over 200 delegates from over 25 countries.

“To the point” the motto chosen for this edition, in order to launch a strong message to the actors of the entire supply chain: to openly face the challenges and opportunities of the sector, without wasting time and adopting a collaborative approach between all the parties involved: from farmers to governments, from intermediaries to companies up to civil society. Sustainability was another of the hot topics faced during the three days. An important issue chosen so that the leading companies in the sector become aware of the challenges that the market will have to face in the nearest future, aware that the change lies in technology as well as in people.

Chocovision has certainly allowed us to network with many personalities of the sector, to create new bonds and strengthened those already existing. Opportunities like this are essential for a direct comparison between people who hold top management roles within all the major companies of the market. The event also represented an interesting chance to understand the dynamics of the sector in the next two years, a plus that will allow us to develop concrete answers to the needs of the entire supply chain“- commented Giuseppe Turla, General Manager of GSR Cocoa Machinery.

The international forum was an opportunity to highlight important issues: “Sustainability and commitment to collaborate as a whole supply chain are certainly praiseworthy and indispensable aspects, but what we must commit ourselves today is to build a detailed and precise action plan coordinated perhaps by a superpartes actor that limits the splitting, gathering under one single hat the efforts of everyone, thus giving life to a real and concrete collaboration that brings tangible and long-term benefits” – said Simona Turla – Junior Marketing Manager of GSR Cocoa Machinery.