High Production Presses

The series 900 and 980 have been studied for companies requiring pressing lines with high production needs. Thanks to the number of pots and the capacity of the pressing chamber, those presses are able to reach the highest Kg/h ratio.
Alloy steel of the highest quality and resistance are what we choose for manufacturing. The combination of alloy steel and suitable design guarantees long life, no deformations and lower maintenance.
Our technologies, high quality materials, innovative hydraulic engineering systems as well as our software allow to achieve the greatest quantity of cakes and butter in the shortest possible time for the cheapest Total Cost of Operation per processed ton. An accurate standardization matched with the quality system applied on our pressing lines guarantees reliability and the best performances.
Design and experience provided us with the best solutions to facilitate the operator’s work, preserving him from tiring or dangerous positions. The change of felt rings and filter plates is rapid and it doesn’t require specific precautions.

Intelligent Automation System

The GSR pressing lines are equipped with an intelligent automation system for efficient processes, enabling production of larger quantities of butter and cake in the shortest possible time and with the lower energy consumption.