Series 900

The Series 900 offers presses composed by 8 – 10 – 12 – 14 pots. It belongs to the “big sister” category thanks to its high production capacity.

In this series, the press 8/900 is particularly interesting. Recently introduced into the GSR product lines, it has the goal to satisfy the necessities of a growing specific market directing at obtaining a pure 100% origin product.

The 8/900 belongs to the GSR high production cocoa presses, however, by being the smallest among these, it simultaneously approaches to the compact line. This aspect drives its additional value: a press able to guarantee the right qualitative mix by incorporating the properties of both series, setting itself between the productive philosophy of the “bigger sister” series 900 and 980 and the compact lines 870.

The 8/900 represents the right complement to the series designed and developed for the high production: it is the smallest press among the series 900 but with an high core potential able to serve the demands of the medium production

In general, this series has:

  • Low and reduced total cost operation
  • Easy and fast installation
  • High versatility

Technical Data

Productive Capacity: from 600 kg/h to 2040 kg/h
Specific pressure on product: 900 kg/cmq