Series 870

Our compact Series 870 has been specifically studied for all companies requiring pressing lines with a capacity from 200 up to 750 kg/hour.

Starting with the high capacity homogenizer, loading pumps, powerful and flexible hydraulic group, press Series 870, conveyor, breaker, scale, unloading pump, as well as structure, electric panel, wiring and technological piping; all of them are totally integrated.

All the GSR presses are the result of our enhanced research, design and passion. Easy and fast to be installed, they have only to be connected to energy, steam, air and product to be processed. Hygiene and ergonomics features are at the top. Our passion and pride of manufacturing the best prompted us to get such results with no compromises.

Technical Data

Productive Capacity: from 200 kg/h to 750 kg/h
Specific pressure on product:  870 kg/cmq