Cake Braker Series G10S – G15S

Our Series G10S and G15S is composed of special breakers properly studied for laboratories.
Their purpose is to crush the cakes coming from the pressing process in order to achieve controlled sized crushed products.

The fat residues in the cakes to be crushed may vary from 9% up to 24%.
These breakers are valuable also in nibs and other products processing requiring a pre-crushing to allow a subsequent shell separation.

Technical features of G10S and G15S breakers are properly studied to fit to laboratories needs.


To clean both mill group and selecting grids is extremely easy and fast; it allows crushing different products in a short time preventing any contaminations among them.


To avoid any dust spreads and product contaminations, the crushed product is directly unloaded into a “food” tank screwed under the mill group.


The load of the product to be crushed is manually operated from a swan beak hopper protecting the operator from any contacts with the mills. In addition the sensors cut motor energy in case the covers on both grid and transmission sides open.


An essential element reflecting our will to adapt ourselves to any customer’s specific needs is the modularity of the mill group as the possibility to have different hammers configurations, modular grids and different sizes selecting devices.


Our breakers are provided with wheels, to make handling easier, and equipped with blocking devices for a firm workspace.