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Calolziocorte, October 10, 2018 – GSR is attending, for the second year, the London Chocolate Forum, an international conference organized by Kennedy’s Confection and dedicated to the entire chocolate supply chain. As always, it will be the heart of London to host the event, even bigger this year. There the senior management of all the companies related to the chocolate and cocoa industry will have the opportunity to discuss, debate and stay in tune with the present and the future trends and challenges of one of the most popular foods in the world.

The appointment is scheduled for 11 October in London, and once again GSR is attending as one of the event’s sponsors. A key opportunity to reflect on the present and look to the future with curiosity and determination, while ensuring that the entire supply chain moves together for the benefit of an important industrial and food sector, which can increasingly approach concepts such as ethics, health and sustainability.

Last year, the LCF meeting ended with important considerations on the subject of sugar content, with a challenge launched to the producers who are called to find the right compromise between taste and quantity of sugars in snacks and chocolate, and on the very important topic of sustainability. What progress has the sector made one year later?