GSR Cocoa Machinery plays its trump card at Interpack 2017

And it is immediately success

Calolziocorte, May 22, 2017 – The experience at Interpack 2017 has ended in the best way for GSR Cocoa Machinery, the Italian company participated to the notorious fair trade by demonstrating the best of the professionalism “Made in Italy”.

Indeed at first glance, the stand realized, let transpire the total attention that GSR is used to placed in every single detail, distinctive aspect of its working philosophy, well represented in the company’s motto “Yes, we ARE”. The latter not only indicate the GSR position as leading company able to define and settle the new global standards in the cocoa sector, but it is also the acronym of three key words: Attention, Research and Ethics, cornerstone of the GSR Cocoa Machinery beliefs system.

For Interpack 2017, the company has decided to exhibit one of the latest presses: the 8/900 is a blaze of technology and engineering, studied to serve the need of the medium production. With a capacity up to 650 kg/h it places itself in the middle between the “bigger sisters” of the family and the compact line, a press able to guarantees the right qualitative mix by incorporating diversified properties.

The pursued strategy represented the pudding proof of the work done so far and it was driven by the aim of satisfying the today’s market requirements, directed at obtaining pure 100% origin products.

For seven days the 8/900 captured the attention of GSR’s customers and visitors thanks to its perfection, enhanced by its unique design and incomparable execution quality. Moreover the positive feedbacks received confirmed to the company management that the route taken is the right one to keep shaping the future of the cocoa processing sector.

Ended the long-awaited appointment at Dusseldorf, GSR comes back to Italy with proud and enthusiasm, conscious to have distinguished itself in a trade show that counted more than 170.500 visitors, proudly ready to keep riding the wave of success.

The 2016 represented an extremely positive year that lead the company to increase its market presence, gain new market share and rise its turnover. The last 12 months were not only important in term of production: GSR Cocoa Machinery has also extended its staff. Recently new employees entered the company and they were chosen according to their skills and their initiatives. Common feature of the new hired employees is the young age : new university graduates and under 30, valid resource to train, which the company is still searching for. As a matter of fact there is the willingness to extend the workforce in the short time.


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With an extended staff, a constantly growing turnover and many new targets to gain, GSR is ready to better face the future, conscious to give its very best in all the new important challenges that are awaiting.

“The 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have been extremely positive for us and we could reap the harvest that we have sowed so far. The increase in production and the desire to constantly appear at the highest level in the industry, have led us to extend ourselves in every way. We started the 2017 with new resources and we are planning to grow even more” – said Luigi Turla, President of GSR Cocoa Machinery – “I really have confidence in young people because I firmly believe that they represent the future. Work in GSR means not only be part of a solid company which is operating internationally but it also involves to grow in a stimulating work environment which comprises a total-oriented personal training. It is essential to ensure that the youth of today can be incorporated into a dynamic environment rich of incentives that make them aware of the world of work by teaching them the professionalism necessary for a career in constant growth“.