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Calolziocorte, March 16, 2018 – “Look at Her…She’s perfect!” it is with this heading that GSR Cocoa Machinery presented its novelty, the press 20/980: a concentrate of engineering and power, conceptualized and designed for those industrial companies who want to go further, with a technological solution that defies all limits.

This new press 20/980 is characterized by the highest production capacity ever conceived before, expression of mighty force able to adapt herself even to the most limited spaces. A novelty first and foremost created from a great technical expertise combined with a deep knowledge of customers’ needs; the results is a product able to satisfy the new trends in the food processing sector such as food safety, quality standard and sustainability.

Developed by the layout of the series 980, this press has captured the indisputable qualities of each GSR product: the high degree of ergonomics and hygiene features, the scrupulous quality standards as well as a fine Italian design. But there is much more: GSR engineers have devised an excellent manufacturing press, able to guarantee to its buyers a production capacity increased by about 9 – 10%. Moreover, during the project phase, particular studies have been carried out to ensure that ordinary maintenance operations can be pursued in an easy and fast way: an important point to avoid too long downtime, which can cause a costs’ increase as well as production inefficiencies. In addition to these advantages, there is also another plus, such as the results obtained by the R&D department of GSR Cocoa Machinery. Among them, worthy of mention is the reduction in the overall energy consumption, which together with the decrease in the duration of the pressing cycle lead to a reduction in the total cost per ton of process: a valuable result in order to obtain a perfect production process.

However, the 20/980 is not just the expression of technology; to design and build this press GSR engineers worked in synergy with customers, as technical expertise and different production needs could be combined into a product that excelled for effectiveness and efficiency.