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We cover a complete range in terms of productive capacities, which is adapt to all your needs. An accurate standardization matched with the quality system of our pressing lines makes them a safe and reliable investment.

Scales BS Series

These scales are prearranged or the floor location.
They are fit for installations where BT Series scales cannot be assembled due to positioning heights. These scales lean on special cells which base is secured to the central support of the scale. Due to their position in the center of the tank, they aren’t influenced by abnormal loadings. The steel tank is provided with an inspection port, a level probe and a temperature probe which checks the butter condition and stops the pump in case it falls down to 45°.

The heated scale bottom avoids butter consolidation during prolonged production stops. The BS Series scales perfectly replace the imprecise first-generation ones. The group shall be connected to the logical operation of the plant simply by linking up to the on-board electric box.

Technical Data

Capacity: 150 l


It is designed to guarantee a simple, fast and correct mounting of the filter cloths on the filter- holding plates; essential to ensure a longer filter cloths life.
This specific equipment ensures the centering of the cloths compared with the plate, a proper positioning of the cloth and the insertion of the teflon cord to be automatically pressed into the seat for a perfect cloths fixing on the plate with an uniform tension.

The closing occurs by means of a hydraulic cylinder controlled by a power pack. The power applied to the piston rod is 20 ton. Electrical panel, hydraulic safety valves, simultaneously operated double push-button panel ensure a safe use of the press according to the most restrictive safety rules.

The electro-welded steel structure of the press is calculated and dimensioned to avoid any bending. The hydraulic power pack is lodged in the lower part of the frame, the electrical panel itself is fixed on the back outer side of the frame. These presses may be equipped to mount cloths on the plates of any manufacturer’s presses.

Pre-Mixing Tank

The modern lines of squeezing high performance require an excellent homogenization of the product to ensure maximum efficiency, GSR strong experience has created a series of pre-mixing tanks to ensure perfect homogeneity and reduce the time of preparation of the cocoa mass for the presses.

Technical Data

Capacity: from 1000 to 2500 l

Comb Security

The comb security completes the safety systems offered by GSR.
This is placed at the top of the press in front of the liquor load collector and consists of a horizontal bar on which are set spacers equal in number to the number of pots/counter-pots.

The bar is movable and is operated by one pneumatic cylinder placed on the head of the press.
With the press open, the bar goes down and the spacers fit between pots and counter-pots preventing any movements (due to accidental causes).


GSR priority is ensuring that machines could work safely, continuously and without interruptions. GSR presses are safeguarded by a transparent protection assembled on a stainless steel frame which protects the operator from any risks. The opening of GSR presses may be done manually or powered by electrical energy; both models are interlocked by a comb safety system able to block all pots. It is only in this case that the protection may be opened, to give access on the press
According to needs and rooms these protections may be two or four-door type and installed on every kind of presses.


Structures are designed according to the installation type, number of presses installed as well as the lay out and the forecast process flow. In general the structures consist only in press bearing plinths and supports for conveyor, breaker, scale and pumps. The specific project extends to platform, ladders and handrails.

All parts are in electro-welded steel submitted to anti-corrosion treatments and then powder coated.

EDCP Control Systems

This line control system is based on a general switchboard with SIEMENS PLC of S7300 family
(different brands and configurations upon request).
The control system is based on a configuration with touch-screen operator panel on board for the equipment management and maintenance. SCADA supervision system is developed in Intouch on PC platform placed in the general control room.
The supervision software has been developed with animated graphics and pop-up windows, allowing the operators an easy and immediate management and understanding of the line operation. The application is complete with sections dedicated to machines operating graphics, pressure diagrams, speed, weight, temperature and everything is necessary to a deep analysis of the operating condition of the whole equipment. A specific section is dedicated to the line production by means of an operating diagnostics able to manage history and working recipes. Different passwords accesses are foreseen, in compliance with tasks and professional figures involved in the productive and maintenance process.
The standard configuration forecasts a RITTAL carpentry panel; upon request it is available in stainless steel.

The unit is built in compliance with CE-CEI Rules.


Especially designed to be used on cocoa pressing lines, they are made of special steels and all the parts in contact with the product are treated and hardened to ensure a longer life to the seals. They need a very low maintenance. The model used for press loading has got a delivery fit for quick loads. this pump is matched with an inverter actuated by the switchboard, managing its delivery to optimize the load. This is made in the shortest possible time avoiding pressure peaks on the felt rings.
This series includes butter pumps, homogenizer loading pumps and more.

Technical Data

Capacity: from 45 to 400 l/min (*)
(*) Calculated with a viscosity of 1.000 cSt. Other versions on request as needed.

Scales Series BT

Made of stainless steel, they are provided with a load cell and respective support. Particularly suitable to be mounted on the pressing line structures. A heating system keeps the butter at the liquid state even in case of long-term stops of the automatic pressing cycle, preventing so damages to the unloading pump. Level probes, electric box for any connection, drain cock, manual ball valve
to the pump maintenance, inspection port as well as flexible joints complete the supply. Both operation logic and scale control are located in the general control

Technical Data

Capacity: from 40 to 150 l

De-dusting System

The de-dusting filter is ideal for solving dust problems with a potential explosion hazard (St1).
The filter is made of galvanized sheet metal and is also designed for an outdoor location.

The de-dusting system thanks to the vacuum created by the fan suctions dust from the machines and conveys it, through the pipes, to the filter unit.

Here the de-dusting filter “cassettes” keep the dust present in the air. Filtered air, with a dust quantity less than legal limits, through the line silencer, is sent to the chimney to be discharged outside.

Technical Data

Filtering air flow: from 1500 m3/h to 4500 m3/h