Category: Laboratory

All along we have been paying attention to the needs of tests and research laboratories.
Thanks to its know-how and expertise in the pressing sector, GSR manufactured a range of laboratory presses and accessories achieving excellent results.


The two-pots press 2/1250 applies a 1250 kg/cm² specific pressure on the product. Another concentrate of technology, this press is dedicated to laboratories working on major quantities of product or repeating the tests on a high quantity of product; here the repeatability is an essential research element.

The manual loading is about 10 times higher than the 1/1400 line and it may load cocoa and hazelnut masses or other products like oily seeds in general.
To facilitate the pressing of different products, the loading group has got a double diameter.

Technical Data

Loading Capacity: 4,8 l
Specific pressure on the product: 1250 kg/cm²


The one-pot press 1/1400 is a high technology concentrate: it applies a specific pressure of 1400 Kg/cmq on the product and hence it represents the best press dedicated to research.
The press is manually loaded with cocoa and hazelnut masses or other products, as well as oily seeds and generally with everything needs to be detached from a basic element applying a strong pressure. The loading group has got a double diameter in order to facilitate the products pressing.
To facilitate the pressing processes where a low residual percentage is required to be extracted from the basic product, the 1/1400 laboratory press has a got a variable loading chamber, setting up by the software.

Technical Data

Loading Capacity: from 0,20 to 0,55 Lt
Specific pressure on the product: up to 1400 kg/cmq

Cake Braker Series G10S – G15S

Our Series G10S and G15S is composed of special breakers properly studied for laboratories.
Their purpose is to crush the cakes coming from the pressing process in order to achieve controlled sized crushed products.

The fat residues in the cakes to be crushed may vary from 9% up to 24%.
These breakers are valuable also in nibs and other products processing requiring a pre-crushing to allow a subsequent shell separation.

Technical features of G10S and G15S breakers are properly studied to fit to laboratories needs.


To clean both mill group and selecting grids is extremely easy and fast; it allows crushing different products in a short time preventing any contaminations among them.


To avoid any dust spreads and product contaminations, the crushed product is directly unloaded into a “food” tank screwed under the mill group.


The load of the product to be crushed is manually operated from a swan beak hopper protecting the operator from any contacts with the mills. In addition the sensors cut motor energy in case the covers on both grid and transmission sides open.


An essential element reflecting our will to adapt ourselves to any customer’s specific needs is the modularity of the mill group as the possibility to have different hammers configurations, modular grids and different sizes selecting devices.


Our breakers are provided with wheels, to make handling easier, and equipped with blocking devices for a firm workspace.

Melting Series MT10 – MT20

Melting system function

The melting system is used in case of panels, cocoa blocs or other masses to be melt at a right temperature and slow stirring avoiding so to alter the original features of the product. After setting the melting point this value will be kept. In case masses had to be brought to a higher temperature, the MT/10 will provide a controlled increasing until reaching the pre-set value without altering the original features.

Conditioning function

Conditioning is the necessary action to bring a liquid mass to a set and kept steady temperature value. The MT will provide a controlled increasing up to the reaching of the pre-set value without altering the original features. For example cocoa liquor, hazelnut mass or oily seeds have to be conditioned and blended in order fats or oils are homogeneous by leveling the extraction effect in pressing.

Melting-Conditioning system: the features

It is important that temperatures control and increase may be set and checked according to the temperatures of the heating element compared with the ones of the products to be heated.
In both phases a stirrer, equipped with special blades and scraper, stirs the product according to the set speed until process completion.

This is a perfect balance: conditioning is made in a stainless steel double-wall tank. A special resistance warms the external tank heating so the internal one by a diathermic liquid kept into circulation. The uniform heating spreads to the product in contact with the surface of the inner tank.