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GSR Cocoa Machinery confirms its partecipation at Interpack 2017

Calolziocorte, 03.05.2017 – Preparations for Interpack 2017 are being made to attend the most important event dedicated to the packaging industry that is taking place in Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May 2017. GSR Cocoa Machinery, the company that since 1992 has been offering dedicated solutions for customers operating in the cocoa processes, is participating to this trade fair and it has settled everything.

GSR is going to attend Interpack in Hall 4 – Booth G34, with a stand aimed not only for the exposure of the press 8/900 but also able to carry the guests in a true journey on the mechanical and engineering ground. The Booth realized for the 2017 edition is going to show the professionalism and attention to details with which the company, made in Italy, has irradiated the sector, proudly obtaining its place among the bests thanks to its strong identity at the basis of the known motto “Yes we A.R.E.”. GSR has left nothing to chance. Behind its attendance to this important international event, there is, thus, the consciousness of the need to respond to the today’s market’s requirements, which have been recognized through a deep and detailed study of international production trends.

The 8/900 is the press that the company has decided to highlight for the expected “big show”: a strategic choice, driven by the aim of satisfying the necessities of a growing specific market directing at obtaining a pure 100% origin product. The 8/900 belongs to the GSR high production cocoa presses, however, by being the smallest among these, it simultaneously approaches to the compact line. This aspect drives its additional value: a press able to guarantee the right qualitative mix by incorporating the properties of both series, setting itself between the productive philosophy of the “bigger sister” series 900 and 980 and the compact lines 870. With a production capacity settled up to 650 Kg/h, its low and reduced total cost operation, its easy and fast installation, its manufacturing structure similar to the high production presses matched with an high versatility (it could, thus, be suitable to press cocoa liquor, hazelnut paste, oily seeds and similar products where the fat extraction is necessary) make this press a perfect combination of diversified qualities.

The 8/900, from its introduction into the GSR product lines, represented the right complement to the series designed and developed for the high production: it is the smallest press among the series 900 but with an high core potential able to serve the demands of the medium production. As all the presses manufactured by GSR, the 8/900 respects the rigorous global standards required by the company’s management: quality at first, an Italian design able to ensure ergonomy and constant hygiene, essential aspects for a perfect production cycle. Moreover the special profiles in compliance with the energy saving and safety requirements characterized the equipment with the GSR standards of efficiency and reliability.

Interpack represent the peak of a year began in best way for GSR and it is the perfect event for showing the results reached so far. With an extended staff, a growing turnover and many new targets to gain, GSR is ready to enhance the sector with ideas and to settle the new market standards. In 25 years of activity, the company made in Lecco has globally established its brand in a growing competitive sector by designing equipment, machinery, accessories as well as upgrade and spare parts in the field of cocoa processing and transformation and it is able to offer to its clients a complete range of presses and accessories fit both for the largest production as well as medium and small-sized company.


From italy to Peru: the biggest cocoa press arrived on the South American territory

Calolziocorte, 22.04.2016 – 10.310,22 KM: this is the distance at the crow flies between Lecco, a small North Italian town, and Peru. A route which, nevertheless, has no borders for the factory of Lecco, GSR Cocoa Machinery, specialized in designing, manufacturing and testing of cocoa presses and which has been active since 1992 on the worldwide market. A recognized excellence which, in the last days, had the opportunity to receive an institutional visit of the President and of the General Manager of Confindustria Lecco and Sondrio, the representative Association of the entrepreneurial system of the territory of which it is a member.

The press, destined to Machu Picchu Foods in Pisco (the largest cocoa processing producer in Peru) is the greatest press ever shipped to Peruvian territory: 18 pots, 8,2 m long, 1,7 m high and 2 m wide, with a weight of 41.500 kg. mounted on a 4 m. high structure. This line will weigh 64 tons on the whole and will allow to process 11.800 tons of cocoa mass per year.
These are the astonishing numbers connected to the press 18/980, manufactured with high resistance alloy steels in 5 months of work. Design, quality control, test, assembly as well as start-up and servicing; any phase is made inside the Factory in Calolziocorte (LC). This masterpiece of technology and mechanics will leave Lecco in these days destined to Peru where it will start working restlessly, granting optimum performance and high production efficiency in order to achieve as much butter and cake as possible in the shortest possible time.

“We are proud to state that today, after nearly 25 years, we are recognized all over the world as an Italian excellence. In these years of activity we have been able to bring across the world the best of Made in Italy, proving with numbers and tangible results the goodness of our operation.” so Luigi Turla, President of GSR Cocoa Machinery ,stated.

In fact Gsr Cocoa Machinery will be 25 years old next year; a goal reached with head held high, travelling a long and challenging road which brought the factory “Made in Italy” to become one of the most important leaders on the market, today synonym of excellence.
Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun, Latin America, Asia, USA, Europe, Russia: from Calolziocorte GSR is keeping and weaving new relationships with the biggest protagonists of the global players in the cocoa sector.

Bühler and GSR announce strategic partnership for the cocoa market

Calolziocorte, 16.04.2015 – Swiss based technology company Bühler and the Italian specialist GSR announced a strategic partnership for the cocoa industry. Bühler is the market leader for cocoa processing equipment and more than 60% of the world wide cocoa supply is processed on Bühler equipment. GSR is an Italian based company situated in Calolziocorte (LC) and is specialized on design, manufacturing and servicing of cocoa presses. The two companies decided to join forces with respect to sales and service as well as total plant solutions where Buhler will act as main contractor and incorporate cocoa presses from GSR in the total line concept. Additionally the two companies will exchange their technical know how for developing line concepts for maximizing yield and quality of the end product in the cocoa value stream. Customer will benefit from the global sales and service network as well as from the knowledge and expertise from two specialists in their respective fields of cocoa processing.

New Life: the art of giving new life to cocoa pressing machineries signed GSR Cocoa Machinery

Calolziocorte, October 23th 2014 – To give new life to any pressing line without scrapping it before the time requires a high level of expertise and know-how. GSR Cocoa Machineries efficiency and its capability to go beyond the time approach together to offer a valid service to its potential Customers. The company placed in Lecco and born in 1992 has been specializing over the years at a worldwide level in the manufacturing of lines and components for cocoa pressing. Thanks to its technological expertise it is able to upgrade old machineries, avoiding so their replacement before the expected time.

The upgrading process which GSR Cocoa Machinery is able to put to use is a highly precious service aimed at the fulfilment of three purposes: technologically and technically upgrade the pressing lines, to increase their productive capacity and to make them up-to-date with high levels of hygiene and safety, as per the current regulations in its field. The greater productive capacity matched with high performances notably reduce the Total Cost Operation, i.e. the total cost per each processed ton, costs such as consumption materials, ordinary maintenance, spare parts and energy necessary to process each cocoa liquor ton. GSR Cocoa Machinery is a made in Italy warranty in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. The upgrading intervention on any cocoa pressing machinery has been conducting after a careful analysis of the situation of the current line.

GSR Cocoa Machinery is a company known at a global level, so much which its sales volume derives almost exclusively from its activity carried out abroad. A highly refined interlocutor, able to excel in its sector and who distinguishes itself for the attention it paid in all requests, finding optimal solutions for each need. A company made of men and expertise which over the years have been able to put themselves on the line, becoming soon one of the most important worldwide leaders in the manufacturing of cocoa pressing machineries.
GSR success is inevitably linked to its capabilities in making business and creating appeal with its large range of pressing lines, composed of big lines with high productive capacity, Compact lines and Laboratory ones.

GSR and Bühler Group take action again together during World Cocoa Conference

From 22 to 25 May 2016 it will take place, in the Dominican Republic, the third edition of the World Cocoa Conference (WCC), the worldwide conference devoted to cocoa. An international platform to give voice to experts, initiated and consumers coming from all over the world; with over 1000 participants expected, this will be the ideal framework to do business, to exchange views on the thematic issues, to enter into agreements and to network.

GSR Cocoa Machinery, placed in Calolziocorte (LC) and specialized in engineering, manufacturing and testing of cocoa pressing lines, will be present as sponsor shoulders to shoulders with its already consolidated partner Bühler, Swiss group at international level. These two realities will take action together in the name of Bühler Barth Germany, a division that, thanks to its long-term partnership with GSR, was able to develop advanced technologies for cocoa processing, based on state-of-the-art technical knowledge able to supply optimized solutions for the cocoa processing industry, by keeping a particular focus on the individual requirements to allow customers all over the world to rely on efficient processing granted all along the production chain. This ranges from cleaning, pre-treatment of cocoa beans, through alkalizing, roasting and grinding to cocoa liquor, up to cocoa powder production and cocoa butter processing. BBAR is a technology granting the market the highest product quality, maximum yield and a perfect development of more than 500 valuable flavor components in the cocoa.

This four-days WCC will be surely a unique opportunity to enter in contact with the most influent stakeholders, sharing expertise and competences and develop its own network. World Cocoa Conference will take place at Barceló Bávaro Convention Center of Bávaro, in the beautiful natural framework of the Dominican Republic. This event is sustained by the Ministry of the Dominican Republic, the Embassy of the Dominican Republic and the Cocoa National Commission.